Report Abuse

Report Abuse

JuicyAds is dedicated to a clean Internet and expects its users to do the same. We work directly in connection with the Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection ( and support the organization as a long-term donor. Additionally, we have aided in criminal prosecution of advertisers engaging in credit card fraud as well as the distribution of malware and ransomware.

JuicyAds has developed this procedure and policy to address potential violations.

Each user is responsible for making sure that the materials they upload to their website as a Publisher or serve through the JuicyAds platform as an Advertiser do not violate our Acceptable Use Policy.

JuicyAds does not host or control the content on third-party websites (i.e., publisher and advertiser websites) and is not able to remove websites or their content from the Internet. Due to this, we ask that you directly report all inappropriate content directly to the Publisher of that third-party website and allow at least two business days for appropriate action to be taken.

If you have already reached out to the third-party website and provided adequate time for action, please report the issue to JuicyAds Compliance at

All notices provided to our Compliance Team are forwarded to the associated Client in order to notify of a potential violation and to allow for appropriate action to be taken.

Abuse of our policies are issues JuicyAds takes seriously, and non-compliance with our Acceptable Use Policy may result in temporary suspension or permanent account termination.

Without specific and reliable notices from third parties, JuicyAds lacks the knowledge and capability to identify and address every violation. Accordingly, JuicyAds expects reporters submitting materials to our Compliance Team to only target materials that violates our policy.

We believe through communication we can ensure a safer web community for all.