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It’s a real thing, and it works. Introduced over a year ago in Dec 2014, SexyTechnology Improves the Performance of your campaigns and engagement with your offers. It just might make you more money than anywhere else, because it’s only available at JuicyAds. Plus! Automatic Source-Optimization based on CTR after testing impressions or clicks have been reached. Smart meets sexy!


Anti-Fraud Comes Standard

Some networks want to sell you every click and impressions they possibly can. We just want to sell you the Juicy ones. Our proprietary anti-fraud systems protects against a wide variety of click and impression fraud. Our commitment to ethical standards sets JuicyAds apart from other networks. It means that we block the traffic that some other networks gladly bill you for. Our blocking systems have been in development for over a decade and while no legitimate network can claim to remove 100% of all fraudulent traffic, we do our best every single day.

Advanced Targeting

Simple yet effective Targeting for maximum profits.

Targeting by:

  • Device Type
  • Country Geo
  • Connection
  • Niche/Channel
  • Browser/OS
  • IP
  • Day Parting/Hourly
  • Language
  • Alexa Ranking
  • Blacklist and Whitelist


You need to know what is working and what is not. With our pixel tracking technology and custom S2S Postback systems to measure your ROI, you’ll always know that your sales and revenue is coming from JuicyAds.

One Account

Don’t use an advertising network that does not allow you to use one account for both your Advertising and Publisher needs. Nothing better for your wallet than re-investing your profits into your business. Its a waste of time to have multiple accounts. Just one more way JuicyAds makes your life easier.

Instant Placement

We are the only adult advertising network that offers instant placement of all Flat-Rate direct buy purchases from our Marketplace. Speed is important in today’s marketing environment where an offer can live and die in a very short period of time.

Real People

Dedicated Account Managers to give you help with setup, revenue optimization, and more! JuicyAds is the only network that offers 24/7 tech support with a live person.

JuicyAds is where your profits matter™

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