Are you ready to be Motivated?

Juicy Jay | September 8th, 2023

Are you ready to be Motivated?

During my 25-year career in the adult industry I’ve had the benefit of doing real business with most every major adult company. I’ve had meetings with, partied with, and dined with hundreds of influential leaders of business around the world. It’s been a blast.

Now, you can enjoy personal connections with high level decision makers, during my new event launching at TES Prague on Sept 19th and 20th.

It’s not a panel!  The 2-hour daily event will feature dedicated 30-minute conversations with 4 different people each day, and you are invited!

Sept 19, 2023 12pm to 2pm:

  • Corey Silverstein (Silverstein Legal)
  • Jeff Wilson (Vice President, Flirt4Free)
  • Alex Lecomte (CEO, 7Veils)
  • Doug Wicks (CEO, Payze)
Sept 20, 2023 12pm to 2pm:
  • Sam Rakowski (President, MrSkin)
  • Kevin (Founder, CAM4)
  • Stan Fiskin (CEO, AdultCentro)
  • Paul Ashworth (VP Business Development,


Uncover the Unseen: 1-on-1 Conversations
Be prepared for thought-provoking 1-on-1 conversations with the most influential business leaders. Motivated uncovers their untold origin stories, success stories, and even their transformative failures that paved the path to greatness.
Balance is Key: Work/Life Insights
Discover the secrets to maintaining a perfect work/life balance while pursuing ambitious dreams. Our guests share invaluable insights on how to thrive in both personal and professional spheres, leaving you feeling empowered and motivated!
Beyond the Surface: Extra Fun Mixed In!
We know how to keep things lively! Amidst the inspiring conversations, expect to indulge in a bit of extra fun. From entertaining anecdotes to surprise games, Motivated ensures a smile is never far away!
Forge Deeper Connections: Personal Stories Unveiled
Motivated believes in creating meaningful connections. Each episode delves beyond the surface to forge genuine personal bonds with our guests. Prepare to be moved, inspired, and connected on a whole new level!
Don’t Miss Out – Arrive on Time!
The Motivated event series is a limited-time experience, so act swiftly to secure your spot at the next electrifying event near you! Unleash the power of inspiration and embark on a journey of self-discovery with awe-inspiring guests.
? Are you ready to be Motivated? Join us now and be a part of something extraordinary!