Happy New Year and 16 Years of Keeping it Juicy

Juicy Jay | January 18th, 2022

Happy New Year and 16 Years of Keeping it Juicy

Welcome to 2022. (Or maybe its just 2020-two?)

With the world stalled and in lockdowns, JuicyAds has forged ahead.

More than ever before, our business has been about collaborations and working together. That included partnerships with NiftyStats, as well as CPVLabPro.

Our JuicyAds Cares initiative continues to grow each and every year, and as of this writing has surpassed $179,000 in various contributions, donations, and commitments to our People and Planet programs.

Finally (FINALLY!) we announced the public beta release of UX13, our new interface. Some of the bugs are still being worked out but its certainly been a big breath of fresh air. There is still hard work being done there as we patch bugs found by our team and users just like you, who are already using the new platform. We expect to phase out the old “Legacy” interface during 2021.

We have some new targeting options that have also launched into public Beta including Language Targeting, and our isProxy targeting which allows you to block or allow traffic such as VPN and Proxies.

With several award wins during 2021 we are already grateful to continue to be one of the most popular advertising networks on the planet. Just a few weeks into 2022, Fleshbot recognized JuicyAds as the 2022 Best Ad Network. XBIZ followed by announcing JuicyAds as the 2022 Traffic Services Company of the Year. That award is near and dear to my heart, because it was the first industry award we ever won – back in 2011.

As always, I want to thank you, our loyal clients for another great year and given the trajectory we are on – 2022 is going to be even better.

Keep it Juicy!