JuicyAds Partners with NiftyStats

JuicyAds Partners with NiftyStats

JuicyAds, the award-winning adult traffic network, today announced a collaboration with Nifty Stats, a leader in affiliate stats tracking software.

Nifty Stats is an affiliate tracking software that provides user with real time reporting of their statistics from affiliate programs, networks, and traffic sources. All the most important stats are visible at once to give users a clear overview of their business.

Nifty Stats is offering JuicyAds users a free, 30-day trial to test out their software. The fully functional trial version is available immediately at https://www.niftystats.com/free-trial/. Upgrading after the trial will be seamless and not require users to re-install.

Nifty Stats is the safest analytics solution on the market. All your statistics and information are stored on your PC, which only you have access to. It does not support self hosted solutions or hosted solutions. This makes Nifty Stats a secure application for tracking and analyzing statistics.

This collaboration between JuicyAds and Nifty Stats is valuable to anyone in the affiliate marketing space who wants to increase traffic and profits for their online businesses.