Don’t Squander Your Advertising Spend – The Importance Of Tracking

Don’t Squander Your Advertising Spend – The Importance Of Tracking


Advertising has been around in one shape or form for hundreds of years.

Over a hundred years ago (long before the advent of the internet) a certain businessman called John Wanamaker, uttered the now famous quote “Half my advertising spend is wasted; the trouble is, I don’t know which half.”

John was no doubt at the time, referring to print advertising.

The era of print advertising meant that your advertising campaigns were very difficult to track. Without giving my age away, I can vouch for that, as I spent some years in print advertising.

However, we have come a long way since Johns days. Advertisers have never had it so good; in terms of the ability to track. With the digital era, it has never been so easy to see where you’re customers come from.

Yet I still find it surprising how many advertisers I see that do not use tracking in their adult campaigns. Even with all the tools to hand.

Why Bother Tracking Campaigns?

Without tracking, frankly, you have no way of knowing exactly where your conversions are coming from.

And why does that matter? Well it goes back to what John Wannamaker said – you know some of the traffic is converting for you, but you just don’t know which traffic is converting.

Subsequently, you have no data to allow you to optimize your campaigns. By ‘optimizing’ I mean blocking sources that are simply not converting for you…. and retaining the sources which are working for you.

The benefit of doing this, is that it stops you wasting advertising spend.

Because by blocking sites that do not work for your offer, you can then put the money you have saved into targeting the sites that do work for you.

By implementing a reliable tracking solution, you can monitor every aspect of your campaign, measure success and identify areas for improvement. And that’s essential when dealing with an adult audience that can often be notoriously difficult to target effectively.

Juicy Ads Gives You The Tools

At Juicy Ads, you have the ability to see which sources (sites) sent you a ‘conversion’. Whether that means it’s a registration, a download, a sale….whatever your goal is….tracking is available to help you!

It doesn’t have to be guesswork!

Even if you don’t use a dedicated affiliate tracking program (like eg Voluum) and you only track your traffic with Google Analytics, for example – our dynamic tracking will give you the ability to see within your tracking software, what sites your conversions came from.

It’s simple to add our dynamic tags into your link and it can be done in a few minutes.

Dynamic tracking is not complicated and it’s there for you to use.

You can take tracking a step further and implement S2S postbacks. This method enables real-time access to information which allows even better analysis.

This can help you to make smarter decisions for campaign optimization and will give you a more accurate picture.

However, I will discuss S2S in more depth in a future post.

So To Conclude

Juicy Ads account managers, like myself, are here to help you – we want you to succeed. And tracking your campaigns efficiently is a critical step in succeeding with your advertising.

So don’t be like John Wannamaker – take advantage of the digital era we live in – track your campaigns and make sure your advertising spend goes further and gets the results you want!