Adsistant® AutoBid Tool Live on JuicyAds

Rainey Stricklin | October 10th, 2023

Adsistant® AutoBid Tool Live on JuicyAds

JuicyAds has launched its new Adsistant® AutoBid tool, allowing advertisers to automatically adjust their bids to maintain a specific position.

“With the Adsistant® AutoBid tool, advertisers now can become fierce competitors without lifting a finger,” a rep said. “It is most beneficial for CPC campaign advertisers who have a variety of banner images in their campaigns.”

Unlike CPM bidding, which involves a direct fixed bid and placement, CPC campaigns on the platform algorithmically optimize placement by considering both the advertiser’s bid and banner click-through ratio (CTR). Lower-CTR banners therefore require higher bids to get the same rotation as high-performing banners.

Included in the update is a leader board-style “competitive view” showing top campaigns, their bids and effective ranks based on the network’s algorithm.

To activate the feature, advertisers must select a target position and a maximum bid. The campaign’s bid will move up and down based on the target position, limited by the maximum bid.

Advertisers who do not wish to use the AutoBid feature still have the option to receive bidding information that can be used for placing manual bids. Full details of an advertiser’s current position are provided, including their bid rank and position based on the algorithm.

The interface includes a “cheat sheet” showing bids specifically recommended for an advertiser’s campaign, based on the campaign’s current performance.

“The new bidding dashboard is a dramatic improvement and expansion from the basic recommended bids information previously available,” the rep added. “This newest tool works similarly to the platform’s Rule Builder and SimpleCPA functionality, automated tools that are set once and then the Adsistant® constantly monitors and optimizes advertiser campaigns.”

CEO and founder Juicy Jay said, “Advertisers perform better when they have good data and actionable information. This feature not only makes bidding and positioning a campaign effortless, it also gives advertisers a level of transparency that is rare amongst advertising networks.”