JuicyAds Celebrates Earth Day

JuicyAds Admin | April 22nd, 2019

JuicyAds Celebrates Earth Day

VANCOUVER — In celebration of Earth Day and in the face of daunting global warming reports, JuicyAds has expanded its fight against climate change.

According to the company, for more than seven consecutive years, the company has committed to being carbon neutral, and was the first adult advertising network to go carbon neutral in 2011. Now as part of a three-year plan, JuicyAds has committed to plant a minimum of four acres of Empress Splendor trees each year. The Empress Splendor is a noninvasive and fast-growing hybrid that consumes up to 11 times more carbon dioxide than any other tree. By the third year, the company will be directly offsetting a minimum of 1,200 tons of greenhouse gasses annually.

“By the end of the third year we will be responsible for planting over 12 acres, at a minimum,” JuicyAds founder and CEO Juicy Jay explained. “If we meet our growing revenue targets we will triple these numbers and plant an additional 24 acres, and offset over 3,600 tons of CO2 annually. That’s many multiples more greenhouse gas than JuicyAds is responsible for.”

Jay said that JuicyAds is in a unique position to battle global emissions as the company’s structure and operations already maintains a small carbon footprint. All of its employees and contractors work remotely, meaning no commuting, and no central office creating waste. But JuicyAds is going further, according to a recent interview on Medium with intimate.io about how adult companies are building a better future.

Beyond its dedication to its tree planting, JuicyAds has made recent investment into biotech that uses mycelium technology to sequester both CO2 and N2O (Nitrous Oxide). The same technology is being used by global companies such as Shell and Cummins. The company has also announced a commitment to the reduction of non sustainable giveaway promotional items in an effort to reduce its impact on things like the ocean garbage patches. For example, over the last three years, the company dramatically reduced its distribution of petroleum-based promotional “swag” items.

“What does selling advertising on some of the internet’s hottest websites have in common with plastic pens, stress balls and other trade show swag?” asked Jay. “The answer is ‘not much’ because what people really want is the well-known personal service we are known for. We won’t eliminate promo items completely, but what we do decide to give away will be higher quality and more environmentally friendly choices going forward.”

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