Simple Effective Tricks

JuicyAds Admin | May 27th, 2008

Simple Effective Tricks

Tweaking your website and ads can make a huge difference to your bottom line. Years ago I was amazed when I simply changed the background color of an adzone and income for the website tripled! More clicks means more money.

So here are a few tips of what to do to your website and ads to improve user experience and increase clicks.

In advertising, get to your main point.. fast! Years ago you would see paragraphs of quality written text to sell a product. Today, people dont’ take the time to read. If you don’t entice them quickly, they won’t click.

Give the customer a choice between two products, instead of buying something or nothing. Whether this is a trial or full price membership to a website, or a free or lite version of a script. Get them to take or buy something from you rather than nothing.

Don’t span text across a page more than 3 inches. This goes for web and in physical publishing. Your eye does not like to read wide blocks of text, so don’t make your customer do it, either.

Write your advertising in the present tense, which means something is happening now. Writing in the past tense means its over, and then, who really cares about your ad?

Use testimonials from people who have purchased your product. The best advertising is always word of mouth, but using testimonials from real people will help sell.

If one of the key selling features of your website, product, or service is your low price, include it in the ad! People like a bargain. If it’s on sale, tell them how much they are saving, compared to the retail price.

Take the time to develop the text for your ads. This is called adcopy and is just as important as the image. Put interesting words in the text, and avoid making it sound like an ad.

Always include text with your banners ads. If you place some good descriptive text, people will click it more than just the banner alone. Surfers these days easily recognize and ignore those classic 460×60 banners. Text is as important as the image to encourage the click when it comes to these ads, so make sure you include it if you insist on using banner ads.