The Power Of A/B Testing In Your Campaigns

The Power Of A/B Testing In Your Campaigns

When you are running a campaign with Juicy Ads, your priority is to get the most out of your advertising spend.

One way to make sure that your ads are working at optimum performance, is to use A/B testing. Or also called split testing.

So What Is Split Testing

Split testing is particularly useful for situations where you may have several landing pages. It often works well with cam sites, casinos, and even dating sites.

So let’s say you have two or three different landing pages for your offer/product. You may find yourself unsure which landing page visitors interact with more.

Or to be more specific, which landing page produces the most conversions from your visitors.

A/B testing will enable you to ascertain which lander gets a better response.

In a nutshell, it’s a way to compare several versions of something and find out which one works better.

Campaigns can often be significantly more successful when the correct landing page is employed.

Conversely, using an ineffective landing page, can result in disappointing results.

That’s why with Juicy Ads traffic you can, and should, test all of your landing pages, to establish which is the most effective.

So How Do You Employ Split Testing With Juicy Ads

So theoretically there are a couple of ways to do this.  You could launch separate campaigns, for each landing page.

However, sometimes a much simpler way is to use split testing within one campaign.

With split testing, you can have several landing pages in one campaign.

So what this means is that when visitors click your banner, they will land on the different landing pages of your site, based on a roughly equal rotation.

So after perhaps a week of testing, and of course assuming you’re tracking your campaign properly (see my article on the importance of tracking here), you should be able to gather enough data to show which landing page is converting better with your visitors.

So that’s why split testing is very powerful in providing you with data that enables you to decide which URL (landing page) to keep in your campaign.

How Do I Actually Set This Up Within My Campaign?

So once you have a campaign approved and it is in your dashboard. You will notice the ‘split testing’ link below your URL. (please note it is not available, prior to your campaign being approved)


If you click on this link you will be taken to a page where you will see you can enter a different landing page. 


In fact, you will be able to add multiple URLs. Simply follow the instructions, to add as many landers as you like. 

So now when your campaign goes live, traffic will rotate between all your different landing URL’s.

You will also see that these can be disabled any time you want.

If you have any difficulties with this, reach out to support, or if you are my client, reach out to me obviously.

I hope that helps!