People and Planet Impact Report 2023

Juicy Jay | February 23rd, 2023

People and Planet Impact Report 2023

We are pleased to present the annual JuicyAds “People and Planet” impact report for 2023, outlining JuicyAds’ philanthropic initiatives and contributions. While we have continued to prioritize reducing our carbon footprint and promoting environmental sustainability, our primary focus for the last year has been on four core initiatives: Entrepreneurs Living in Poverty, sustainable water, mental health, and child protection.

Since inception, we are very proud to announce that we have made over $223,843 in donations and distributions supporting these efforts, crossing the $200,000 milestone this year.

Entrepreneurs Living in Poverty
Since 2015, we have made distributions to entrepreneurs dedicated to their success through hard work, determination, and intelligent decisions. Our financial support helps them build their businesses and better lives for themselves, their families, and communities from over 76 countries around the world.

ASACP Child Protection
JuicyAds continues to be a Crusader Member of the Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection. The organization was founded by adult industry members who wanted to combat child exploitation. As a matter of policy, we report any suspicious websites or activity to the ASACP for investigation.

Charity Water
We started a small recurring contribution to fund water projects in 28 countries a few years ago. Since then, we have provided a lifetime of water for many individuals worldwide. Our impact there only continues to grow, month after month. As the climate crisis (and water crisis) deepens, these efforts will become much more impactful. It is frightening that water shortages are impacting us much closer to home.

Pineapple Support
The stigma and discrimination of the adult industry and sex workers are severe mental health issues. Pineapple Support provides professional mental health care and suicide prevention for performers and producers working in the adult industry. JuicyAds is a sponsor of this registered charity, and without the continued generosity of all sponsors, their work would not be possible.

JuicyAds is proud of our philanthropic initiatives and ongoing commitment to giving back to our global community. There are members of our team on almost every continent in the world. Through our environmental, social, and humanitarian efforts, we have positively impacted the world and will continue to prioritize these initiatives in the future.