Goodbye to Old Platform

JuicyAds Admin | June 14th, 2023

Goodbye to Old Platform

Surreal is defined as a feeling that is “marked by the intense irrational reality of a dream.” Whatever that means. The Internet says it is “hallucinatory, fantastic, unbelievable and out of the ordinary, this word describes a moment or apprehension that feels not quite real.”

Regardless, that is how I felt today when I personally deleted the old “Legacy” user interface from our company servers.

A bit of a bittersweet moment, because after-all, it symbolizes me tearing down everything I had built to start JuicyAds in 2006. Back then, I was the only developer working away to build what would become one of the first adult advertising networks that would pioneer the shift to advertising supported adult websites today. At the time, I just needed to sell more ads on my own websites, but JuicyAds grew and then exploded in popularity.

Today, we have a large team that has rebuilt our new platform dubbed UX13 (which took multiple attempts, multiple teams, and several years to get things “right”). It was a painful process, and even when it was completed it wasn’t truly finished. We spent another year fixing bugs, regressions, and making a huge amount of changes.  It wasn’t until earlier this year that we’ve finally started quietly rolling out new features and functionality.

Now with a revitalized platform and a steady flow of updates (with a robust testing procedure before it ever reaches you, the user) we are really excited about all the change that is coming in the future. Although, for some, change can be a bit scary.

If you have thoughts, suggestions, or feedback about how you’d like JuicyAds to feel and function, rest assured, we are listening. 

Going forward, we will be making changes and improvements as part of a never-ending process of self-improvement. We are happy to hear what you’d like to see and how it can impact and help you to buy and sell advertising better.

Keep it juicy.