JuicyAds Partners With Keitaro

Joe | May 25th, 2023

JuicyAds Partners With Keitaro

Keitaro and JuicyAdsWe are excited to introduce you to our new partner, Keitaro Tracker. This Ultimate Advertising Tracker is specifically designed for media buyers and publishers, aiming to help you minimize costs on unprofitable campaigns and focus on maximizing profits.

Keitaro Tracker is a market-leading solution, trusted by thousands of webmasters worldwide as their essential tool for tracking and optimizing advertising campaigns.

Key benefits of Keitaro Tracker include:

– Real-time data and conversion attribution, updated every minute.
– High-performance reporting capabilities.
– Local landing pages and built-in editor for seamless customization.
– Full IPv6 support for improved connectivity.
– Built-in GEO database for targeted marketing.
– User action logging for detailed insights.
– Seamless integration with Namecheap, Cloudflare, Facebook, Google Ads, and many more great features.

Keitaro Tracker offers a pre-built template for quick integration with the JuicyAds advertising network, enabling you to access data on bid costs, ad_campaign_id, creative_id and other params. Simply navigate to the Traffic Sources tab, click Create, and select JuicyAds from the list of ad networks.

As an exclusive offer for JuicyAds customers, Keitaro is providing a 20% discount on the first purchase of any 1-month license with promo code JUICYADS

Start a free 14-day trial, complete with unrestricted access to all features.