UX13 Public Soft Launch

Juicy Jay | December 31st, 2021

UX13 Public Soft Launch

I’ve had hate mail about our old interface, and I’ve seen the nasty comments over the years.

It was frustrating, because the most difficult part was knowing that we were working very hard over the years to built the new interface (called UX13) and knowing that one day it would be done, launched, and that it would be so far ahead of the old JuicyAds interface that it would be unrecognizable — something new and shiny that would make people say “wow.”

That day was yesterday, because that was the soft launch of the UX13 public beta.

The new UX13 platform is such an huge advancement over the previous legacy platform, that the decision was obvious to immediately shut down some older clunky portions. The PopUnders section has been completely revitalized and we have pulled the plug on the old legacy version already. What our advertisers have now is a sleek, sexy, and powerful admin panel to help them make more money. While the legacy platform is still available for a limited time, new users will never see the old interface, and are being onboarded directly to the new interface only.

There were some initial hiccups and those have already been patched, but if you encounter any problems please report them to Live Support or Submit a ticket (with screencaps, of course).

Thanks for keeping it Juicy, believing in us, and Happy New Year! I can’t imagine a better way to kick off 2022.

Oh, and here’s the link: https://ux13.juicyads.com/login.php