How to Create High Converting Landing Pages for your Promotions with JuicyAds

Laura Cebrian | June 24th, 2024

How to Create High Converting Landing Pages for your Promotions with JuicyAds

Studies show that offers utilizing 10-15 landing pages increase leads by 55% and those with 40 or more landing pages increase leads by up to 12 times compared to those with 1-5 landing pages. But where do you start? We’ll walk you through the process of building high converting landing pages so that you can start building your own and being even more successful in your campaigns with JuicyAds!

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is an independent web page specifically designed for a marketing or advertising campaign. Its primary purpose is to capture visitor information through a lead form or to prompt a specific action, such as making a purchase or subscribing to a newsletter, for example. Unlike regular web pages, landing pages are focused on a single objective, minimizing distractions and guiding visitors toward the intended conversion goal.

How do I Build Landing Pages?

There are a few basics that you need to take into consideration at the moment of building your landing pages, let’s check them out:

* Choose a Landing Page/Website Builder: A landing page or website builder is a software tool that allows users to create and design web pages without needing to write code. These builders typically offer drag-and-drop functionality, customizable templates, and a variety of features to help users easily create professional-looking landing pages or entire websites. Some popular ones (with free versions) include: WordPress, Wix, Site123, Jimdo, Weebly, among others. Once you have chosen the one that accommodates more to your needs, make sure you decide on a template and customize it with the look and feel of your offer/product. The look and feel will depend on several factors that we’ll revise one by one:

* Understand Your Audience

Identify Target Audience: If you are an affiliate marketer or a product owner, you are familiar with the type of offers you run. You’ve probably already run a few campaigns in JuicyAds and you already have gathered some data and insights about your target audience. Make sure you gather the following information:

– Demographics: Geo location, gender, language, preferred device, browser, etc.

– Language: Once you’ve selected your geo location(s,) ensure your landing page is in a language your target audience can understand.

– Relevancy: If you are targeting users looking for BBW webcams, for example, you will want to build your landing page with models geared towards this niche by highlighting the appropriate performers. If you are targeting consumers looking for Latina models, you’ll want a landing page specifically for this.

Once you’ve gathered all this information, you are ready to start working on your template. It will need the following key elements:

* Key Elements of a High Converting Landing Page

-Headline: You need a great headline. It needs to be catchy, smart and short.

-Visuals: You will need to carefully craft your images or videos. Remember that this is the first thing your potential customers will see when they land on your landing page. A good designer is worth it when it comes to this point.

-Copywriting: You will need a strong, clear yet concise description of your product. Make sure you do not crowd your landing page with unnecessary information. Your potential customers’ attention should already be stimulated by the images and headline.

-Call-to-Action or (CTA): You will need direct CTAs. Make sure they are short and to the point. Examples: Submit, Download Now, Get it, Click here to get it, Buy Now. Using a button 

* Design and Layout Best Practices

Simplicity: Remember that your landing page’s primary purpose is to capture visitor information through a lead form or to prompt a specific action, such as making a purchase or subscribing to a newsletter. Therefore, we need to keep it simple, uncluttered and direct.

Responsive Design: In order to have a maximum reach, your landing page needs to be responsive: mobile, desktop and tablet friendly.

Loading Speed: Keeping the loading speed of a landing page under 2 seconds is crucial for user experience and search engine optimization. There are several ways to achieve this such as removing unused CSS and JavaScript code, optimizing visuals by compressing images and videos, using CDNs, choosing a reliable hosting provider with fast servers and adequate resources, using HTML for text instead of images, etc.

* A/B Testing and Optimization

For a detailed explanation of how to use A/B testing and Optimization at JuicyAds, please read our tutorial on this here.

In conclusion, crafting high-converting landing pages for your JuicyAds promotion requires a strategic approach informed by data and best practices. Studies show significant lead generation increases with multiple landing pages. At JuicyAds, we recognize the importance of attractive and effective landing pages in driving sales and profitability. By leveraging user insights and employing effective design elements like impactful headlines, engaging visuals, persuasive copywriting, and clear CTAs, advertisers can seriously optimize conversions. Continuous A/B testing and optimization are essential for refining strategies and achieving sustained success in online advertising. We hope this tutorial will help you become even more successful with your promotions.