JuicyAds Launches Native Ads with Explosive Growth

JuicyAds Admin | August 28th, 2018

JuicyAds Launches Native Ads with Explosive Growth

Native advertising is quickly becoming one of the most popular ad types in the digital world, and JuicyAds recently added them to it’s offerings for both advertisers and publishers and has now solidified pricing.

Native ads are generally integrated into the content of a site, blurring the lines between content and advertising. Simply put, they generally involve a static image with a few lines of text, integrated into a site’s regular content offerings.

Though somewhat slow to be adopted by the adult industry, the mainstream momentum and impressive statistics are making adult marketers pay attention.

A new study released from eMarketer shows the overall trends and potential of native advertising:

  • Native Ads will represent 61% of digital display 2019
  • Expected Native revenue will jump from $32.9B to $41.4B in 2019 2018
  • 77% of all mobile display will be Native in 2019
  • 96% of social ads fall into the Native category


“We believe that Native Ads are JuicyAds at their core. JuicyAds was started on the concept of highly attractive ads to drive volume versus boring text ads.  Native Ads are the best of both worlds. The attractiveness of clicky images with the informative and highly targeted nature of text ads.  They are a perfect compliment to the JuicyAds network and our clients obviously think so, too, based on the tremendous growth,” – explained Juicy Jay, CEO and Founder of JuicyAds.

The growth on the JuicyAds platform since the ad type was introduced in March has been significant. From initial launch, the ad network saw a 30,637% growth rate in the span of just the first three months.

The benefits are plentiful for both advertisers and publishers. Advertisers can produce Google-compliant ads, see up to double CTRs, and increased ROIs. Publishers can potentially double their earnings, comply with Chrome guidelines, avoid ad blockers and offer more relevant ads on their sites.

Low pricing minimums have now been established as part of the initial open Beta offering.  Top-tier English-speaking countries are available for $5 per 1000 clicks, or $0.02 CPM.  Second-tier (mostly European) countries are available for $4 per 1000 clicks, or $0.01 CPM.  All remaining third-tier countries are available for the low price of $3 per 1000 clicks, or $0.005 CPM.  The countries that are most popular in the current offerings are US, Canada, Brazil, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Japan, Italy, as well as large swaths of Asia.  As you can expect from JuicyAds, there is robust targeting available for Native Ads as part of the display banner system, including Geo Country, Device, Niche, IP Targeting, as well as our proprietary SexyTechnology and Auto Optimization options.