12 Tips to Improve Popunder Campaigns

12 Tips to Improve Popunder Campaigns

Today we’d like to share with you a list of 12 Tips to Improve Popunder Campaigns. Whether you are new to promoting pop traffic or a seasoned pops buyer, these tips are sure to help you dial in your campaigns.

Pop traffic remains as one of the most efficient and inexpensive ad formats for affiliate marketers to purchase. There are huge volumes in almost every geo and can be monetized with several different verticals, including Dating, Adult Webcams, Gambling, and Sweepstakes. The barrier of entry is low, due to pricing and ability to run without creatives. Popunder traffic campaigns are quick to setup, easy to scale, and give you fast results.

1. Analyze your competition. See what types of offers are being pushed, what landers and prelanders are being used, and identify any tools or scripts that are used to enhance conversions.

2. Setup postback tracking and ensure that you are collecting as much data as possible from your pops campaign.

3. Use a prelander

4. Add extra scripts to your prelander

5. Localize your prelander (Translations, Imagery, Models, etc.)

6. Optimize the prelander for speed

7. Split campaigns by devices and sources

8. Add optimization rules

9. Add frequency capping

10. A/B testing

11. Create whitelists and blacklists based on the data that you’ve collected

12. Retargeting

So there you have it, Popunders are one of the best sources of adult traffic on the Internet. With lower bid prices and massive traffic volumes, they are perfect for media buyers of all budgets. Similar to other types of adult advertising campaigns, optimization is vital to ensuring that you get the biggest ROI on your ad spend. For over two decades now, JuicyAds has been a top provider of adult popunder traffic. We know the ins and outs of pop traffic and will work with you to learn this valuable traffic source.