Tutorial: Setting a Popunder Campaign

Tutorial: Setting a Popunder Campaign

Setting Up a Popunder Campaign

In order to be able to run campaigns with us, you need a minimum deposit of $100. With a
single deposit, you may request several campaigns, but you must have at least $100 available in
order to request a new campaign.

Once the deposit is made, you can request a campaign following these steps:

Step One:
Once logged in, click on ‘PopUnders’ > ‘Campaigns’ on the left sidebar. Then click on ‘Start New

Campaign Info:

Name your campaign (optional), enter the URL you wish to send traffic to, PopUnder
Campaigns Bid Type is CPM.

Choose Niche Targets:
Select as many niches from the list that apply to your offer as you need. The more niches you
choose, the more traffic you will receive.

Choose Target Countries:
Select any or all countries you wish to target in your campaign. Depending on your product and
your marketing goals, you may want to target countries separately in different campaigns.

Submit Your Campaign:
Once you click ‘Get Started,’ our compliance team will test your URL to ensure it meets our
Terms of Service and either approve or deny. You will not be able to make any changes until the
campaign has been reviewed and approved. This is generally done within 24 hours of
submission. You will be notified once the campaign has been reviewed via email.

Set up your campaign:
Once your URL is approved, go to PopUnder ‘Campaigns’ again and you will see your newly
approved campaign listed. From there, select ‘Manage’.
You’ll go to the next screen where you’ll need to click on ‘Settings’:

In this section, you’ll be able to ‘activate’ or ‘disable’ your campaign. All campaigns are disabled
after approval. It is recommended to set up your campaign before you activate it.

If you need to change your campaign URL, please remember that you’ll need to wait for
approval again.

Set Bidding/Price and Daily Budget:
It’s always best to go for the recommended bid so that you ensure you’ll get traffic flowing.

Advanced Targeting:
Depending on your product and marketing goals, you may want to fine tune your campaign
more specifically (device, browser, daypart etc.) . If this is the case, JuicyAds offers a great
variety of targeting options, you’ll find them under ‘Advanced Targeting:’

Once you are all done and ready, make sure you go back to ‘Settings and Statistics’ > ‘Settings’
> ‘Campaign Status’ > ‘Active.’ That’s it! Your campaign will be worked into the JuicyAds
proprietary algorithm over the next few hours and you’ll start to see traffic flowing.


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