Tutorial: Purchasing a Flat-Rate Direct Buy

Tutorial: Purchasing a Flat-Rate Direct Buy

Purchasing a JuicyAds Flat-Rate Direct Buy

A direct buy is when an advertiser buys an ad spot from one specific publisher website. JuicyAds is known for having the best direct buy opportunities in the adult industry. You can browse through thousands of different websites in the marketplace and find the perfect ad spots for your banners.


Step One:

Once logged in, click on Marketplace -> Marketplace on the left side bar.

Step Two:

Use the filter and advanced filter to sort through the different publishers and ad spots. Sort by Alex Rating, Niches, Country, Price, Banner Sizes, etc.


On the left side bar you will see our featured properties, newest, lowest price, and recommended. These are a great place to start when you are searching for advertising spots.


Step Three: 

Once you have found a publisher website that you would like to advertise on, click ‘Buy an Ad’. This will bring you to a page that shows all the available ad spots on this website. You can see the size, price, estimated traffic, geos, and other important stats. 

You will have the option of running a 7-day ad, 14-day ad, or 30-day ad.

Step Four: 

Finally, you will add your banner and link and choose whether you would like the spot on auto renewal or not. Check the box to agree to the terms and then click ‘Buy Now’ to purchase the ad spot. 



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