Pay Per Click (PPC) vs the JuicyAds Flat Rate Model

JuicyAds Admin | January 14th, 2008

Pay Per Click (PPC) vs the JuicyAds Flat Rate Model

Ever wondered why we don’t sell ads per click? The reason is simple. Why be the same when you can be different? There are many benefits to flat rate advertising that you can’t get with PPC.

Publisher Benefits
The benefits to flat-rate advertising for the publisher is enormous. With PPC, the publisher is at the mercy of an advertiser that is paying per click for their ad space, regardless of if the ad is clicked or not.

Advertisers on Pay Per Click networks often provide ads that are very specific and purposefully drive down clicks to avoid paying for more clicks, rather than trying to drive as much traffic as possible. That produces a low-click environment and usually results in the publisher getting paid differently every day. Income is not constant.

Benefits to Advertisers
While its true that you should only market to those most interested in your service, what ever happened to unlimited potential?
With flat rate advertising, you are in full control. You can choose to be specific and have low-click ads that drive at the exact market you want. You can also put up an ad for the sole purpose to drive as many clicks as possible. It will cost you the same amount either way, so you can easily set budgets and know exactly what you will pay.

Advertisers can also target their audience by choosing exactly which sites to promote on, rather than buying traffic without really knowing the true source. It doesn’t make any sense to promote on a site that isn’t at all related to what you’re trying to sell, right?

The benefits of flat rate advertising are great for both sides.

Did you know JuicyAds allows advertisers to change their ad images, text, and url ANYTIME? As an advertiser, you can keep your ads fresh, tweak campaigns, and make sure that your ads are performing the best they can.

Your ads will rotate with other ads in the same adzone too!