JuicyAds Presents Final 2019 YNOT Grand Prix Race at TES Prague

JuicyAds Presents Final 2019 YNOT Grand Prix Race at TES Prague

PRAGUE – Feel the need for speed? Join JuicyAds on September 13th for the final YNOT Grand Prix go-kart competition of the year in Prague, as part of The European Summit.

The Grand Prix, presented by JuicyAds and hosted by YNOT, will return to Kart Centrum, which boasts the longest kart track in Europe.

“I love the track at Kart Centrum, because a tough course always leads to an entertaining race,” said YNOT co-owner and Grand Prix organizer Jay Kopita. “When you have some drivers slowing way down to navigate a turn and others trying to barrel through them, it’s a recipe for a little mid-race chaos. You can feel the tension build in spectators watching the race from the stands and it makes the whole event that much more fun.”

Though all of the driver seats have already been reserved, everyone is welcomed to watch and network with other TES attendees.

“The YNOT Grand Prix in Prague is one of our favorite events of the year,” said JuicyJay, CEO/Founder of JuicyAds. “The racing is challenging and the atmosphere is great for spectators to network and mingle.”

Complementary transportation is offered from the TES host hotel to Kart Centrum at 5:30 and 5:45 p.m. and back to the hotel from the track at 8pm and 9pm. Food and beverages provided by sponsors, including JuicyAds.

For more information on the YNOT Grand Prix, visit YNOTGP.com.