Selecting the Optimal Vertical or Niche To Promote

Selecting the Optimal Vertical or Niche To Promote

Choosing the best vertical or niche to promote on JuicyAds, or any other advertising platform, requires a strategic approach. Whether you are an experienced affiliate or you are just starting to experiment with media buying, you will need to consider several aspects when choosing a vertical or niche to promote.

Here are some steps to help you make an informed decision:

  • Passion:  It is important that you take into account what you really want to promote/sell as a starting point. But be careful, sometimes your passion may not match the expected profitability! Therefore, make sure that you are acquainted with:


  • Trends and Popularity: Keep an eye on current trends and popular niches in the adult industry. However, try to avoid oversaturated niches as they may not be long-term options; it is always safer to seek out market voids where demand surpasses supply levels.


  • Research Audience Interests: Understand the demographics and interests of the audience for the selected niche. If you choose to promote Nutra for example, make sure you do thorough research on the type of product you’d like to push and therefore its target audience.


  • Competitive Analysis: Analyze what other affiliates or media buyers are doing in terms of advertising. Remember, copying is not a sin, but creativity pays out way better. If you have contacts in the industry, they could be a great source of information and recommendations, too.


  • Program and Profitability: Make sure you create a list with the affiliate networks that have the offers you would like to promote. If you have trusted contacts or good references, start with those. Your list can get long, so make sure you add each offer and its characteristics (in terms of model: rev-share, CPA, PPL, etc), payouts (from highest to lowest), most successful geos, specific rules, etc. Once you have all this information, you can compare and decide which ones are the best option for you. Building a good relationship with your affiliate manager is key to scaling your promotions, getting advice, better payouts, etc.


  • Compliance and Regulations: Ensure that the vertical or niche you choose complies with JuicyAds’ policies and regulations. Avoid promoting content that violates our terms of service.


  • Testing and Optimization: Run small-scale tests to gather information and see performance. Optimize your campaigns based on the results. At JuicyAds you have multiple targeting options. Organize a call or chat  with your account manager and ask all the questions you need. They are always happy to help you succeed.


By following these steps and keeping a close eye on market dynamics, you can make informed decisions when choosing the best vertical or niche to promote on JuicyAds.