Native Ads with JuicyAds

Native Ads with JuicyAds

Native Advertising with JuicyAds 

A Native Advertisement is an ad type designed to look and feel like a piece of editorial content on a website without disrupting the user experience.

JuicyAds offers millions of daily Native Ad impressions across hundreds of websites on our network, providing our advertisers a unique way to promote their brands and offers as well as providing our publishers with monetization options that blend in with their site design.

Native Advertising Benefits

  • Less disruptive and a cure for ‘Banner Blindness,’ when visitors pass traditional banner ads by.
  • Increases engagement with site visitors.
  • Higher Click Through Rates, increasing value for advertisers and earning higher revenue for publishers.
  • Allows for more creativity than traditional banner advertising in both ad design and advertising placement.


Best Practices

Advertisers should keep these guidelines in mind when designing their creatives:

  • * The native ad should simply be an image with an optional line of text, that blends in with the content of the page it is appearing on. On the JuicyAds network, Native Ad images should be 300×300.


  • * The ad should be relevant to the site’s audience. For example, if you’re advertising on an adult amateur site, a native ad featuring a model in an amateur-type pose would be fitting. This ensures your ads are seen by visitors that are interested in what you’re offering.


  • * The ad should be appealing. Just like any other piece of content, a native ad should be engaging and enticing.


  • * Keep your ad simple. Native ads are meant to be visually engaging without a sales pitch.


  • * Make it sexy. Since native ads are usually presented as images or videos, make sure that yours stand out from the rest and grab attention quickly.



Finally, the most important part of any ad campaign: Track Your Results! JuicyAds offers both pixel tracking and S2S postbacks. Take advantage of one of these tools or use one of the 3rd party trackers we’re integrated with. By tracking your results, you’ll learn what works and what doesn’t so you can scale your campaign for maximum profits.


To launch a Native Advertising campaign on JuicyAds, simply select Native Ads from the left sidebar of your dashboard on the JuicyAds UX, or go straight to: and click “Start New Campaign.”

Next, you will see this screen:

Fill in your campaign information, select your bid type (CPM/CPC) and select blacklist or whitelist. If you’re new to JuicyAds, you will probably want to select Blacklist Mode to start, so your advertising will be exposed to the maximum number of sites.

Next, select the countries you want to target, and submit your campaign.

From there, our compliance team will review your URL and in the mean time, you can set up your text, assign a campaign name and group (optional) and set your bid.


Next, click ‘Ad Manager’ at the top of the page:

And upload your creatives. Remember, your creatives must be images only, and 300×30.

After you’ve uploaded your creatives for approval, you can add in your targeting such as Day/Time, Device/Browser/OS, Language, and more.

We also offer Auto-optimization tools with our proprietary Adsistant® as well as Performance tracking tools. You can find tutorials on those features in our Tutorials section .

As always, we’re here to help! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact or visit our help center ( )to reach support and gain access to our knowledge base and tutorial.