Americans Finally Hit YNOT Grand Prix Gold

Americans Finally Hit YNOT Grand Prix Gold

From a field of 50 drivers, Americans took the top two trophies at the 2016 YNOT Grand Prix’s Phoenix leg, sponsored by

Chris from JuicyAds won the gold, barely edging out second-place finisher Chris from Way3 Hosting. Both men are Americans.

Nice job, guys! Now the fans in the YNOT Grand Prix’s home country can take the bags off our heads.

Roald from the Netherlands placed third. Canadians dominated the rest of the pack.

Seventy-five spectators were on hand to witness the race. According to organizer and YNOT Group LLC Chief Marketing Officer Jay Kopita, most stayed through the brief awards ceremony despite the relative lack of drama on the track.

Because he likes to mess with people, Kopita threw a few twists into the Phoenix race.

“The 12 best lap times competed in the final deathmatch, as usual,” he said. “However, we switched the track direction the opposite way for the 14-lap final race. That didn’t really seem to throw anyone for a loop, though.

“We also didn’t run the race ‘pole-position-style,’ with the trophies going to the first ones across the finish line,” he continued. “Instead, winners were determined by best lap time.”

The Phoenix event—an official opener for the annual The Phoenix Forum—was the second of four races on the 2016 schedule. The championship series heads to Quebec Expo in Montreal on Aug. 4; the closing race of the season will take place Sept. 20 at The European Summit in Prague. Seats and sponsorship opportunities remain. For details, contact Kopita by email or Skype him at LAJConsulting.