JuicyAds launches IP Targeting, Browser Targeting

JuicyAds Admin | November 3rd, 2017

JuicyAds launches IP Targeting, Browser Targeting

The Sexy Advertising Network has announced that it now supports full IP targeting across both Banner Ads and PopUnder ads.

IP Targeting allows an advertiser to specify certain IPs or Ranges of IPs that their campaigns will appear on.  No other IPs are allowed to view the campaigns, and cannot click on them.  The solution is perfect for those looking to implement restricted Carrier targeting using their own IP database.  It is used by affiliates, media buyers, or advertisers to improve ROI by targeting only the very specific range of people allowed by specific offers, usually associated with Carrier targeting.  These types of mobile offers are highly popular on CPA networks, and its possible to acquire IP ranges directly from the affiliate programs as well.

“Our IP Targeting solution is perfect for Advertisers who want complete control over the intended audience for their ads” explained Juicy Jay, Founder and CEO of JuicyAds.  “I have spoken to Advertisers who say that ROIs change dramatically when IP Targeting is added to their campaigns.  Our initial Beta testers described the targeting as 99.99% accurate, so we really nailed it.”

Full carrier targeting with over 3000 unique carriers is currently available on JuicyAds for PopUnder advertisers.  The feature has not been released yet for Banners, but this update allows clients to Carrier target using their own conversion data and known well-performing IPs.  Packaged solutions for Carrier targeting can sometimes contain errors and IP ranges are changing all the time and need to be kept up to date.  JuicyAds plans to release packaged “ready out of the box” Carrier Targeting for its Banners in the coming months.

In addition to the IP Targeting, the Company also announced that it has completed the addition of Browser Targeting across all traffic types including Banner Ads as well as PopUnder ads.  Also recently added was powerful S2S performance and conversion tracking, and Day of the Week targeting.